A.O.I. The Odomez Diary


During and after our visits in Odomez, Aurélie Brouet and I have collected a consistent amount of drawings and writings. n.o.t.#12 gathers a selection of them.

The Kuhlmann Factory’s demolition works have lasted from september 2007 to april 2008. The factory was located in Odomez, in the North of France ; a chemical-textile plant, it was finished building in 1926, then in activity until its closing in 1965. At an unknown date, a local social integration association used a small part of the abandoned buildings. In 1986, an Emmaüs community set place in about half of the former factory land, and is still there today. In 2006, after a couple of years of deliberations and funding, the demolition works have been initiated by the Conseil Régional du Nord and Valenciennes Métropole, deleting the half of the factory after forty years of abandonment.

Aurélie Brouet studied arts at the Fine Arts School of Valenciennes. She practices creation as a way of living and breathing, and her multiple faceted works are often linked with the land and the plants, their frailty and their oddness, and how they derange or soothe human life. Aside performances and installations, she produces drawings and paintings without any limits of techniques nor dimensions. The black-and-white psychedelism of her imaginary, and the collide of naïve and dreamy elements with more raw and concrete emotions is easily recognizable.

n.o.t.#12’s chapbook is handmade sewn bound, drawings being printed on a special thick paper. It features 40mn of field recordings from Odomez, on an included 5″CD-r. First 30 covers have been buried for a week into earth dug out from the former Kuhlmann factory’s soil, near the old caretaker’s house.

PDF extract of the book.

The book has long been sold-out, originally distributed by Nothing Out There.

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