Locked Locker Piece

When I get the opportunity, I like to make hidden pieces. These are simple installations, secretly improvised in places I pass by or work in.

During my stay at Le Fresnoy (Tourcoing, FR), lockers were set up for the students in the halls of the school. Their minimalist shape and colors immediatly reminded me of Chris Burden’s Locker Piece. I found on the Internet a recording of Burden briefly talking about how he had the idea for this piece, recorded it on a tape, placed it in a looped tape player plugged to a portable amplifier and locked it all in one of the grey pieces of furniture.

People passing by could hear Burden’s peculiar voice talking about the piece over and over, and see a faint red light inside the locker. I kept secret that I was responsible for this, and it didn’t make much of a fuss in the school, although I noticed passers-by wondering where the sound was coming from, and others saying that it must have been the doing of one of the school’s teachers.

Check Burden’s voice here :