Doing light and hanging tests for my installation Postcards from Limbo, I had to paint a wall white. I was given a wall formerly used during an exhibition (George Didi-Huberman & Arno Gisinger’s Histoires de Fantômes) for a large text sign, still covered with tiny sticked letters I had to scratch off the wall one by one until I could start painting.

At the very center of the text was the word « rêves », the french word for dreams. I scratched every other word off but this one and painted the wall white over it. « Rêves » was barely noticeable anymore, unless one would look at the wall with some perspective and an oblique light.

The wall was then painted grey, and I could still make out the word. If one was to stand in front of the wall and concentrate on the right spot, it was possible to see the word from a distance. It would appear in the same manner as some visual paradox images do, on the verge of sensitivity.