Nothing Out There

« n.o.t. » is a DIY music print producing custom artworks for all blends of leftfield musical projects. A full catalog of 34 references was released since 2006.

Listen and purchase the music and the physical releases :

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The label aimed at:
1) perpertuating the magic of the « musical object »
2) contributing to the world of the experimental and free music.

I created the artworks and the objects from scratch for each new release, with various techniques. They are hand-made, limited, numbered.

They were then distributed via Internet in Europe, USA, Asia, Oceania by Boa Melody Bar, Art Into Life, Tomentosa Records, Volcanic Tongue, Aquarius Records, Metamkine, etc…

The Odomez Serie invited five worldwide artists to create a soundwork in relation to the Kuhlmann factory in Odomez (see photographic works).

The serie Four Arms, Two Necks, One Feedback released three albums of guitar duos by O’Death Jug, Wander, and Przewalski’s Horses.

Alumini features Michel Henritzi, O’Death Jug, Przewalski’s Horses (FR), Les Holchteins, L’Enfant-Méduse, Maxime Coton, Half Asleep, Gart & Seekatze (BE), Mark Peter Wright, Phil Legard (UK), Charalambides, Robert Horton, Michael Northam, Jason Honea, Tom Carter, Tarentel (USA), Gabriele de Seta, Vincenzo De Luce, Matteo Tranchesi (IT), Campbell Kneale (NZ).

After a few years hiatus the label is back with Robert Horton re-issues. Some releases are still available (see on bandcamp or contact me). Here is the full catalogue.