Draisine ~ John Henry (for David Mac Kinnon)

John Henry is a track from Draisine‘s first record. It is an homage to David Mac Kinnon, more known under his John Henry Calvinist pseudonym.


Calvinist was a founding member of the Australian band The Lost Domain, a most unique band if there ever was one. M. Mac Kinnon released two records on his own that are very well ranked in my favorite records of all time. Masterpieces of noise, with that hint of melancholia and sense of space that makes Shackles First To Fit and King Solomon Hill  criminally underrated records.


We had a couple of emails in 2008 ; I asked him to contribute to the Odomez Serie. I remember falling in love with his concrète piece, field recording based In The Rigging and thought it would be awesome to have him record some others in the same fashion with field recordings of Odomez. Although he was into the idea at first, it slowly dissolved and we got out of touch. In 2012, I heard the news of his passing away from cancer. I sorely miss these recordings never made.

I like to think that blues is more about sublimation, and a way of making a beautiful thing out of sorrow, more than it is about tunings or rythmic patterns. The Calvinst records convey rich imaginary worlds that definitly have that feeling of a blue sweet woe, cherished and loathed at the same time.

Finally, rare stuff : a live video of The Lost Domain (source : http://www.scattershotflix.org/).