Threes And Will – Purge of Genden

Artist : Threes And Will
Album : Purge Of Genden
Label : Nothing Out There
Catalogue Number : n.o.t.#40
Release date : 03/10/2017
Country : Estonia
Artwork : Threes And Will
Format : c46
Print run : 50
Order : here
There’s a definitively dystopian zeitgeist to Threes & Will’s last output. Always noisier and more on the headbanging mantraïc style, this eclectic Estonian venture sounds inspired by famous filmmakers Konstantin Lopushansky and Piotr Szulkin, making it an excellent soundtrack to your next local polling day. Turn off the sound of the TV set, gnaw the antenna cable, smash the remote on the wall and press play on that tape player. It’s been waiting to get back in service for too long. 

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Drawing inspiration from filmmakers Konstantin Lopushansky and Piotr Szulkin – both purveyors of post-apocalyptic futurescapes – Estonian noisemaker Threes & Will offers up six doses of psychedelic noise of varying degrees of brutality. Overall the focuses is not on fuzz or punishment, but rather on colourful texture and repetitive melodies. ‘Koniec Cywilizacji’ (Polish for ‘End of Civilization’) views the apocalypse with unnerving ease, seemingly happy with the chaos of fuzzed out guitar loops. ‘The Conquest Of Zhangzhung’ (Zhangzhung was an ancient Tibetan region predating Buddhism) is a similarly steady ritual of repeated guitars and ultimately some guttural vocalisations, again not so much brutal or dark as somewhat peaceful and pleasantly weird. ‘Bunkers’ is another dose of repetitive riffing too. It’s only on closing diptych ‘Erebus’ and ‘Sharpen The Knife, Go Uphill To Kill Jesus’ that Threes & Will starts to more thoroughly rock out, variably stoner riffing and attacking his guitar strings as if sharpening a particularly stubbornly blunt knife over a simple drum beat. Simply perfect for that hit of post-apocalyptic Estonian noise rock fumblings you’ve been looking for.