Bogie Bogie : s/t


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Bogie Bogie is the one-shot recording of an anonymous guitar duo, happened live in a private flat overlooking the river in Liège somewhere around 2008.

Destroyed acoustic in the vein of Tsarskoïe Selo Hemophilarmonic clashes with fragmented electric spawned by Przewalski’s Horses technique, and makes for 30 minutes of free improvisation, leaning at times towards the ambiance of a very windy junkyard.

Artwork cut out from used shooting targets, bonus track on the digital release on bandcamp.

Artist : Bogie Bogie
Album : s/t
Label : Nothing Out There
Catalogue Number : n.o.t.#42
Release date : 12/07/2017
Country : France / Belgium
Artwork : Constantin Dubois Choulik
Format : 30mn cassette
Print run : 20
Order : HERE