John Henry Calvinist : Shackles First To Fit

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I’m proud of finally presenting a project that I have had in my sleeve for a very long time now.

John Henry Calvinist’s Shackles First To Fit is the making of David MacKinnon of The Lost Domain fame, his first solo output before King Solomon Hill (later printed by Digitalis). I first asked David for a release in 2008, we talked a bit at the time and it kind of trailed off after a while ; the time was not right. Sadly, David passed away in 2012, putting an end to the legendary Lost Domain band.

Meanwhile, I kept listening to both his solo records with an inhexaustible amazement, thinking that Shackles, released by David on his own Shy Tone output in Australia in 2000 and totally impossible to find as a physical copy, absolutely needed a re-print. So I talked to his friend Simon Ellaby and, to cut to the chase, we finally settled on a cassette.

The art is a reproduction of the original’s with a beautiful painting by David MacKinnon up front.

The music, is, well. There’s a unique combination of no-fi, no-wave / industrial noise inventivity and classic blues ambiance and feeling that makes Shackles one of my top five noise records ever, an absolute gem, holding together its ten tracks on a tight, emotional and punch-in-the-face album. Love it to bits.

Artist : John Henry Calvinist
Album : Shackles First To Fit
Label : Nothing Out There
Catalogue Number : n.o.t.#43
Release date : 12/07/2017
Country : Australia
Artwork : David MacKinnon
Format : 60mn cassette
Print run : 25
Order : HERE