Nothing Out There catalogue

Most of the catalogue is now digitally available on bandcamp. Also, check the discogs page to order physical releases. Or contact me. Only the bold ones below are still available. n.o.t.#42 : Robert Horton ~ This Bug's For You (re-issue) n.o.t.#41 : Draisine ~ Cave Sessions n.o.t.#40 : Threes And Will ~ Purge Of Genden… Continue reading Nothing Out There catalogue

Birchville Cat Motel, Charalambides, & Tarentel rockumentaries

In 2005 and 2006, i directed three short documentaries about each of these giants of our days of experimental music. They have been broadcasted by the french webzine, and available online at Internet Archive. Also have been printed by Nothing Out There in 2008. Birchville Cat Motel: Charalambides: Tarentel:

Nothing Out There

« n.o.t. » is a DIY music print producing custom artworks for all blends of leftfield musical projects. A full catalog of 34 references was released since 2006. Listen and purchase the music and the physical releases : The label aimed at: 1) perpertuating the magic of the « musical object » 2) contributing… Continue reading Nothing Out There

Przewalski’s Horses

The duo of complete neophytes in classical music terms, Przewalski’s Horses is an ever-changing, always experimenting outfit, frolickin in the margins of the musical spectrum, much like Przewalski’s breed of wild horses in the Chernobyl Zone - that is, in areas where you aren’t supposed to grow healthily. See here for a 2011 interview:… Continue reading Przewalski’s Horses

Eric Pellet, Livre Des Morts

Le film d'Eric Pellet recelle, comme niché au fond de ses noirs labyrinthes souterrains, dissimulé derrière le voile des images datées et anonyme, un secret. Une parole d'autant mieux sise dans l'être qu'elle se tient nouée par une nuée de contradictions qui la font vibrer sur place, et suffisamment pointer sous la surface des images… Continue reading Eric Pellet, Livre Des Morts


In 2006, I found the « Kuhlmann » disused factory, a former chemical-textile plant in the countryside of Odomez, in the north of France. The factory had been running from 1926 to 1965, and then abandoned for more than forty years.   Completely apart from the sole function that gave sense to it, a built… Continue reading Odomez