Nothing Out There catalogue

Most of the catalogue is now digitally available on bandcamp. Also, check the discogs page to order physical releases. Or contact me. Only the bold ones below are still available.   n.o.t.#46 : Robert Horton ~ Bunnies For Pencils n.o.t.#45 : Plateau ~ Mahogany Daddy-O (re-issue) n.o.t.#44 : Bogie Bogie ~ s/t n.o.t.#43 : John… Continue reading Nothing Out There catalogue

Draisine ~ John Henry (for David Mac Kinnon)

John Henry is a track from Draisine's first record. It is an homage to David Mac Kinnon, more known under his John Henry Calvinist pseudonym.   Calvinist was a founding member of the Australian band The Lost Domain, a most unique band if there ever was one. M. Mac Kinnon released two records on his… Continue reading Draisine ~ John Henry (for David Mac Kinnon)

Postcards From Limbo – The Texts

« A kind of self-destroying postcard world of failed immortality and oppressive grandeur. » Robert Smithson, The monuments of Passaic «Le propre du nouveau, c'est-à-dire la différence, est de solliciter dans la pensée des forces qui ne sont pas celles de la récognition, ni aujourd'hui ni demain, des puissances d'un tout autre modèle, dans une… Continue reading Postcards From Limbo – The Texts