L’Invention : Elsa Fauconnet

Il me paraîtrait cavalier de prétendre « comprendre » le travail d'Elsa Fauconnet, alors qu'il faut bien admettre que c'est d'abord l'incompréhension qui nous saisit face à Green Out (2013), ou à L'Invention (2014) : en effet, il s'agit là d'autant d'installations fragmentées, plus proches en apparence du jouet cassé que du chef-d'œuvre parfaitement proportionné. L'Invention se présente ainsi… Continue reading L’Invention : Elsa Fauconnet

Ere De Repos

Ere De Repos, or Rest Era, was my second and last project in Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains. It was shown in Panorama 16, the finishing year exhibition there, in 2014. It is my first foray in the field of video games. You can download and play it on itch.io here : http://dusty-medusa.itch.io/rest-era… Continue reading Ere De Repos

Locked Locker Piece

When I get the opportunity, I like to make hidden pieces. These are simple installations, secretly improvised in places I pass by or work in. During my stay at Le Fresnoy (Tourcoing, FR), lockers were set up for the students in the halls of the school. Their minimalist shape and colors immediatly reminded me of… Continue reading Locked Locker Piece

Cartes Postales Des Limbes

Cartes Postales Des Limbes digital booklet (PDF). German Works By Constantin Dubois Choulik   The images of Postcards from Limbo were made in the Ruhr in Germany, a region that chose to keep and maintain, after their closure, some of its largest industrial sites. Fully functional and un-ambiguous, places wholly covered by the sign, without… Continue reading Cartes Postales Des Limbes