A/V performances with Clément Goffinet

I am working on an audiovisual live performance project with Clément Goffinet. He is a seasoned videographer and projection mapping designer. I provide music, he provides visuals. More information soon.  

Draisine : Second Home Show

These last years I played a show at home for a small audience of friends, annually. The Summer 2017 edition included covers from Martin Wheeler's soundtrack for Adieu, Carmine Coppola's work for Apocalypse Now, and a song by Tiny Vipers. Thank you Katy for the photo.

28/04/17, Les Instants Chavirés : Six Dusty Strings Night

Played live at Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, April 28th, 2017, with Is A Fish and O'Death Jug. Photo by Jjgfree. Nothing Out There et Dyin'Ghosts Records présentent O’DEATH JUG PRZEWALSKI’S HORSES IS A FISH Nothing Out There et Dyin’Ghosts Records présentent une soirée électrique réunissant 3 groupes de guitaristes hantés par les paysages de l’Américana,… Continue reading 28/04/17, Les Instants Chavirés : Six Dusty Strings Night

Het Entrepot (live) with fleuryfontaine

Fotografie: Stijn Boelens, Het Entrepot. Thanks I was invited by fleuryfontaine to produce a live soundtrack to their installation Théâtre Des Opérations in Het Entrepot (Bruges, BE), the rendition of the Cut The Crap residency. Using one of their current favorite materials, paraffin, it is a meditation on the drone pilot's working desk, an essential… Continue reading Het Entrepot (live) with fleuryfontaine