Constantin Dubois-Choulik & Jeff Gburek : Olive-Eros

Pauline Oliveros' life and work has been inspirational for me. A few months before she died, I was lucky to see her in a lecture in Brussels, the recording of which served as a basis for that track, composed in collaboration with Jeff Gburek, and published in his Dada-inspired compilation "Extreme Contrast". Collage by Karolina… Continue reading Constantin Dubois-Choulik & Jeff Gburek : Olive-Eros

28/04/17, Les Instants Chavirés : Six Dusty Strings Night

Played live at Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, April 28th, 2017, with Is A Fish and O'Death Jug. Photo by Jjgfree. Nothing Out There et Dyin'Ghosts Records présentent O’DEATH JUG PRZEWALSKI’S HORSES IS A FISH Nothing Out There et Dyin’Ghosts Records présentent une soirée électrique réunissant 3 groupes de guitaristes hantés par les paysages de l’Américana,… Continue reading 28/04/17, Les Instants Chavirés : Six Dusty Strings Night

Threes And Will : Purge of Genden

Artist : Threes And Will Album : Purge Of Genden Label : Nothing Out There Catalogue Number : n.o.t.#40 Release date : 03/10/2017 Country : Estonia Artwork : Threes And Will Format : c46 Print run : 50 Order : here   There's a definitively dystopian zeitgeist to Threes & Will's last output. Always noisier… Continue reading Threes And Will : Purge of Genden

Les Holchteins : Le Diktat

Artist : Les Holchteins Album : Le Diktat Label : Nothing Out There Catalogue Number : n.o.t.#26 Release date : 02/26/2012 Country : Belgium Artwork : Constantin Dubois Choulik Format : CDr Print run : 50 Order : sold out This record was released by Nothing Out There. Les Holchteins is a loose crew of… Continue reading Les Holchteins : Le Diktat

Draisine : Cave Sessions 2016-7

Draisine will now be publishing (mostly) unedited rehearsing sessions from the home cave. I'll add tracks regularly there. I don't exactly know what to do with music anymore in terms of distribution or "broadcasting", so it'll just be there for potential enjoyment.  Photo by Pauline Descamps at L'Auréole Béthencourt. Tape available to order on bandcamp

Nothing Out There catalogue

Most of the catalogue is now digitally available on bandcamp. Also, check the discogs page to order physical releases. Or contact me. Only the bold ones below are still available. n.o.t.#42 : Robert Horton ~ This Bug's For You (re-issue) n.o.t.#41 : Draisine ~ Cave Sessions n.o.t.#40 : Threes And Will ~ Purge Of Genden… Continue reading Nothing Out There catalogue