Clément Goffinet & Jules Huvig : Creuset Primaire

  I provided a looping 25mn audio soundtrack to Clément and Jules' Creuset Primaire video mapping installation. More information here :  

Lauren Moffatt : Beyond the Rubicon

I'm happy to announce the exhibition of this new digital project by Lauren Moffatt. I contributed to this VR sculptural experience with an original Draisine soundtrack. Beyond the Rubicon will be shown at Worth Ryder Art Gallery, at University of California Berkeley Campus, from April 5 to April 26, 2018. More information here :… Continue reading Lauren Moffatt : Beyond the Rubicon

Clio Simon’s Camanchaca

I contributed to Clio Simon's movie with Rowboat Folly, a track originally opening the first Draisine record, My Name Is Taken. « Voici à quel danger s’expose et à quelle loi s’expose le film de Clio Simon. Qui la pénètre déjà, l’oblige à pénétrer plus avant, avec comme seules armes sa passion des images, des pouvoirs… Continue reading Clio Simon’s Camanchaca

Mathilde Veyrunes’ The Run

The Run is the third shortfilm to which I've contributed, sound-wise, but it's the first time I record an original soundtrack. The movie was shot in San Francisco by Mathilde Veyrunes. I've played two live sountracks concerts for The Run in 2015, once in Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil, France) and once in Lieu Commun (Toulouse,… Continue reading Mathilde Veyrunes’ The Run

Przewalski’s Horses ~ Tokyo Skylark / ATS 909X

Przewalski's Horses always used shortwave radio a lot. These two records kind of sum it up. They were originally published by the We Have No Zen weblabel from Ukraine. The album names are the names of the radios I used ; a modern Sangean ATS 909X and a vintage Tokyo Skylark NR-52F1. Some of these… Continue reading Przewalski’s Horses ~ Tokyo Skylark / ATS 909X