9/9 Day

Shown in the 9/9 Bis (Oignies, FR), collective exhibition "Lumières Sur le 9/9 Bis / Regards croisés sur le 9-9bis."


Cartes Postales Des Limbes

Cartes Postales Des Limbes digital booklet (PDF). German Works By Constantin Dubois Choulik   The images of Postcards from Limbo were made in the Ruhr in Germany, a region that chose to keep and maintain, after their closure, some of its largest industrial sites. Fully functional and un-ambiguous, places wholly covered by the sign, without… Continue reading Cartes Postales Des Limbes


Project produced by the 9/9 Bis (Oignies, FR), and shown in a solo exhibition in Aquaterra (Drocourt, FR) and other cultural sites of the area. Download PDF book. English version below. Photographier les terrils - une proposition vertigineuse, c'est-à-dire à la fois dangereuse et tentante. Car qu'est-ce qu'il peut bien se trouver là-bas à voir… Continue reading Paysage(s)