Postcards From Limbo – The Texts

« A kind of self-destroying postcard world of failed immortality and oppressive grandeur. » Robert Smithson, The monuments of Passaic «Le propre du nouveau, c'est-à-dire la différence, est de solliciter dans la pensée des forces qui ne sont pas celles de la récognition, ni aujourd'hui ni demain, des puissances d'un tout autre modèle, dans une… Continue reading Postcards From Limbo – The Texts

The Ghostwood Project

Super 16 shortfilm, black & white, hand-processed. Broadcasted in HD video. Duration : 17mn (looped). Shooting images courtesy of Aurélie Brouet. The shortfilm included in the installation Postcards From Limbo was shot in a disused coal mining site in Belgium. It’s a simple promenade led by a black dog ; four different versions of the… Continue reading The Ghostwood Project

Cartes Postales Des Limbes

Cartes Postales Des Limbes digital booklet (PDF). German Works By Constantin Dubois Choulik   The images of Postcards from Limbo were made in the Ruhr in Germany, a region that chose to keep and maintain, after their closure, some of its largest industrial sites. Fully functional and un-ambiguous, places wholly covered by the sign, without… Continue reading Cartes Postales Des Limbes