Nothing Out There catalogue

Most of the catalogue is now digitally available on bandcamp. Also, check the discogs page to order physical releases. Or contact me. Only the bold ones below are still available. n.o.t.#42 : Robert Horton ~ This Bug's For You (re-issue) n.o.t.#41 : Draisine ~ Cave Sessions n.o.t.#40 : Threes And Will ~ Purge Of Genden… Continue reading Nothing Out There catalogue

German Works

New book compiling 4x5" color works in Germany these last years. Around 70 pages, includes the series Postcards From Limbo, Lignite, Wohlfahrt and Hamburg. Available from Blurb. I get 20€ for each copy sold.

Clio Simon’s Camanchaca

I contributed to Clio Simon's movie with Rowboat Folly, a track originally opening the first Draisine record, My Name Is Taken. « Voici à quel danger s’expose et à quelle loi s’expose le film de Clio Simon. Qui la pénètre déjà, l’oblige à pénétrer plus avant, avec comme seules armes sa passion des images, des pouvoirs… Continue reading Clio Simon’s Camanchaca

fleuryfontaine ~ Comme on amasse du sable pour en faire un château Image courtesy of fleuryfontaine During a residency in Korea, my pals from fleuryfontaine built up this Unity 3D environment, inviting guests to fill a room with their own material - images or sounds. Draisine sent over some sound loops extracted from what was recorded at the time. The room is accessible in the application,… Continue reading fleuryfontaine ~ Comme on amasse du sable pour en faire un château

Draisine ~ Green Door

Green Door is originally a song writtent by Bob Davie and Marvin Moore. I liked the lyrics themselves and choose to take them completely out of their original music to make up a new song. I actually never listened to any of the original versions. It evolved into a twenty minutes piece I played live… Continue reading Draisine ~ Green Door

Marjorie Van Halteren – That Tuesday! podcast n°5

Marjorie Van Halteren, originally from New York, has been living in Europe for more than twenty years now. A very interesting, lively and complete character in the field of radio and sound composition, I had the pleasure to meet her only recently ; we collaborated on one of her last podcast sessions, as I was… Continue reading Marjorie Van Halteren – That Tuesday! podcast n°5