Working on a video game project called Cineribus, inspired by Detroit large format photographs and inventory / looting fun in a classic point & clic setting. I’m using Adventure Game Studio.

I’ve received a grand from the Hauts de France area to help me fund experimentations and research on 16mm motion picture, in the vein of the Ghostwood Project. The shortfilm has finished shooting & editing, now needs a soundtrack.

New releases from the musical vaults of Robert Horton are in the works, to be printed by the label Nothing Out There.

Book digests of my former trips to the US are now available from blurb. I plan to go back there again twice for new sessions of color street photography.

Working on the drawings of a child’s book project with Robert Horton, called Question Mark, inspired by buddhist wisdom and medieval illuminated manuscripts. New episodes are in the works.

A 365-pages book of digital photographs of the sun is in the works.

3D-Modeling a sketchup “memory & photographs-based” Odomez Kuhlman factory.

In the long-term, expect a successor to the photo book “A l’Aveugle”, this time mixing color and black & white.