Draisine : Fireflies / Rivendite [E.P.]

  Contains field recordings from Peaks Of Otter, VA ; some others from Teufelsberg spy towers in Berlin, featuring Michael Northam & Aurélie Brouet. Rivendite contains samples from a lecture by William Irwin Thompson. Cover image was modified from 1992 Cryo’s Dune game.

Przewalski’s Horses

The duo of complete neophytes in classical music terms, Przewalski’s Horses is an ever-changing, always experimenting outfit, frolickin in the margins of the musical spectrum, much like Przewalski’s breed of wild horses in the Chernobyl Zone - that is, in areas where you aren’t supposed to grow healthily. See here for a 2011 interview: http://musicyourmindstillloveyou.blogspot.fr/2011/08/przewalskis-horses-story-constantin.html… Continue reading Przewalski’s Horses

A.O.I. The Odomez Diary

  During and after our visits in Odomez, Aurélie Brouet and I have collected a consistent amount of drawings and writings. n.o.t.#12 gathers a selection of them. The Kuhlmann Factory's demolition works have lasted from september 2007 to april 2008. The factory was located in Odomez, in the North of France ; a chemical-textile plant,… Continue reading A.O.I. The Odomez Diary