Przewalski’s Horses : Nyàr

  Like a similar PH records Museum For The Trees (267 Lattajjaa), Nyàr was recorded in several short summer sessions in my parents' backyard, using mostly acoustic things & instruments. Personnel was PH : Aurélie Brouet and Constantin Dubois. The recordings were very sparse, so... the idea, stolen from - among others - Eliane Radigue's… Continue reading Przewalski’s Horses : Nyàr

Pan To Scratch : Odomez Serie

Artwork for a Pan To Scratch tape released in 2011 on Nothing Out There records. I used outdated 600 Polaroïd films, pressing outwards the chemical contents of the envelopes of the film. Sometimes they were still partly moist, creating strange psychedelic landscapes ; sometimes they only puffed choking clouds of chemical dust enclosed in the… Continue reading Pan To Scratch : Odomez Serie