Clio Simon’s Camanchaca

I contributed to Clio Simon's movie with Rowboat Folly, a track originally opening the first Draisine record, My Name Is Taken. « Voici à quel danger s’expose et à quelle loi s’expose le film de Clio Simon. Qui la pénètre déjà, l’oblige à pénétrer plus avant, avec comme seules armes sa passion des images, des pouvoirs… Continue reading Clio Simon’s Camanchaca


Draisine ~ Green Door

Green Door is originally a song writtent by Bob Davie and Marvin Moore. I liked the lyrics themselves and choose to take them completely out of their original music to make up a new song. I actually never listened to any of the original versions. It evolved into a twenty minutes piece I played live… Continue reading Draisine ~ Green Door