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1500 analog small prints, black and white, glued together into 8 bricks.

A photographer has to face the burden of his own previous failed work – a burden that gets heavier as time goes on. These images I discarded came to haunt me, and so I decided to transform some of them into something else, dealing with the inability to see what’s in front of my eyes : the potential value of all these images.

Indeed, I could not see any value in these prints, and thus, I could not bear to be their maker anymore. But destroying them seemed a too violent process too, for fear of throwing away one worthwhile among these thousand and a half small images.

I glued them all together, face to face, into small bricks of about 10cm long. From a fragile piece of paper, they turned into solid, heavy, handy blocks. They found salvation in numbers.

This piece is meant to be handled and touched.

These have been exhibited in Baricade, a collective exhibition in Le 180, Téteghem, France, in Spring 2015.

Thanks to Pauline Descamps.