Welcome to my website. I’m Constantin Dubois Choulik, an artist and teacher working in some different fields & medias.

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With my friend Ursula Dégun, we’ve just launched the french video game website Vallées de l’Etrange.

I’m working on video game projects. Cineribus is based on large-format photography shot in Detroit, USA. Dreams Adapted is a short adventure inspired by a dream.

A new website for Question Mark is now up and running, it will be updated regularly. Mark lives interesting zen surrealistic adventures. Robert Horton writes them and I illustrate them.

A new soundtrack for a shortfilm / art installation by Hicham Ayouch.


A new video game project revisiting the Memory card game, through video game historical items and characters.

Thinking of a documentary about Robert Horton in the distant future.

Mixing memories and photographs to make a 3D model of Odomez’ Kuhlman factory. The factory was destroyed in 2010.

In the long-term, expect a successor to the photography book A l’Aveugle, this time dedicated to my color works, somehow inspired by the physics of light.

A fiction movie / shortfilm shot in Detroit, USA with my friend L’Enfant-Méduse.