This PDF book is a digest of a two weeks trip to the US Midwest in 2018. Part 3 of the USA serie of books. Available for sale on BLURB.

sunshine through my finger

My first digital photography book is self-explanatory. You can download it here : or buy it there :  


This PDF book is a digest of a two weeks trip to California I took in 2016. I was told that these photographs look like they’ve been taken by a bum with a disposable camera - probably the best thing that I ever heard about my images. This is first of four issues on the… Continue reading USA II

Niépce’s Point de Vue

Thoughts about Nicéphoe Niépce's photograph Point De Vue Du Gras   Niépce’s photograph is something like a traumatic event. It’s an originary moment resonating throughout history, underground. And like all originary moments it’s a fictional construct. After all Niépce never meant to traumatize future photographers. He was trying to take a picture, to achieve the… Continue reading Niépce’s Point de Vue