Przewalski’s Horses : Experimenting at What-do-you-call-the-place?


Przewalski’s Horses was invited by the 267 lattajjaa finnish record label to contribute to a new cassette compilation, The Devil Man.

We already collaborated with Hannu Hatti, creator of 267 lattajjaa, somewhere around 2007 with the release of the Museum For The Trees record. Here are his words about the compilation :

All The artists chose pictures from my Instagram and then they were given the song titles, which were taken randomly from the Edgar Wallace book The Devil Man. They were asked to make a psychedelic track based on the picture.

Psychedelic compilation, released 10.3.2016 as a limited numbered cassette in edition of 60, and also as a digital download. “You Can’t Stop The Hardcore” – H.P. Baxxter”

The track on the compilation is a short edit, we’ll put out the long one some time in the future.