Przewalski’s Horses : Nyàr

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Like a similar PH records Museum For The Trees (267 Lattajjaa), Nyàr was recorded in several short summer sessions in my parents’ backyard, using mostly acoustic things & instruments. Personnel was PH : Aurélie Brouet and Constantin Dubois.

The recordings were very sparse, so… the idea, stolen from – among others – Eliane Radigue’s 1969 Σ = a = b = a + b double 7″ records, was to publish two of these sessions on separate 3″ CDs to be able to play them simultaneously, with no synchonization whatsoever, hence giving a bit more density to these sessions. An infinite number of sound pieces can result.You can try it here with the bandcamp players.

Tony Ennis, of Earjerk Records, did the print and edition for us. The CDr’s are housed in slipcases and tucked inside a decorated envelope with a numbered bamboo piece. The first 23 copies are on hand painted discs and are available from the artists. There were 45 copies.

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